The Knowledge Gateway

Virtual collaboration and networking for health and development professionals


Join existing communities of practice and Knowledge Networks or create your own.


Share and exchange experiences, best practices, and lessons learned.


Participate in virtual discussion forums. Find out how to convene your own discussion.


A tool for virtual collaboration with colleagues around the world. Review documents, share files.

The Knowledge Gateway

For Reproductive Health:

Virtual communities and networks

The Knowledge Gateway for Reproductive Health brings together more then 27,000 reproductive health professionals in all countries of the world.

Online discussion forums

The Knowledge Gateway for Reproductive Health has supported virtual discussion forums on topics ranging from HPV vaccines to contraceptive technology.

The Knowledge Gateway

For Health and Development:

Connecting health and development professionals around the world

The platform is available to all health and development professionals. More than 300,000 are using this technology.

Who is using it?

A diverse group of agencies use the Knowledge Gateway technology, such as Dgroups and UNHCR Geneva.


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  • What is it?

    An innovative electronic platform that supports virtual knowledge networks and communities of practice in health and development sectors.

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  • Starting out

    Create a community, join a discussion, and more!

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  • Communities and networks

    Search, browse, and join communities related to health and development. Network with colleagues around the world.

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  • Discussion forums

    Browse the information and knowledge generated in more than fifty global discussion forums. Register to participate in upcoming global discussions.

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The Knowledge Gateway tools and methodologies are providing to be a best practice for supporting virtual knowledge networks around the world.

Maggie Usher Patel, WHO/RHR

The Knowledge Gateway is a tremendous tool for the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception: it allows us to communicate efficiently with over 1000 people around the world, organize multiple sub-communities for news sharing, and at the same time fosters a "small group" feeling for our committees.

Elizabeth Westley, ICEC

The IBP Knowledge Gateway has the potential to bring all stakeholders together to help address the world's most important health challenges, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals and Health for All.

Neil Pakenham-Walsh Coordinator, Health Information for All by 2015 (HIFA2015)