About the Knowledge Gateway

Virtual collaboration and networking for health and development professionals

The Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform that connects people working in health and development through virtual networks and online discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange. 

This low-resolution online platform was developed by WHO/RHR and partners in 2004, and is now the most popular electronic platform in the health and development sectors. It is used by over 300,000 health and development professionals in every country of the world.The Knowledge Gateway offers...
  • Free access to the largest virtual communication platform in health and development
  • Online communities that can be branded and customized 
  • Real-time, virtual support to establish and manage communities 
  • No server down-time and secure data storage


A world of connected health and development workers who can find the information they need, share knowledge, and build on collective experience to do their work more effectively.                                      


To catalyze and sustain global and local health and development networks to improve access to information and promote the exchange of effective practice and experience through use of innovative technology.

History, Growth and Development of the Knowledge Gateway

  • 2002-2010

    It started as an internet-based tool for coordinating activities of the IBP Initiative. Find out how...

  • IBP Initiative

    Find out more about the IBP Consortium that was behind the development of the Knowledge Gateway.


"The Knowledge Gateway tools and methodologies are providing to be a best practice for supporting virtual knowledge networks around the world." 

Maggie Usher Patel, WHO/RHR

"The Knowledge Gateway software is a tremendous tool for the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception: it allows us to communicate efficiently with over 1000 people around the world, organize multiple sub-communities for news sharing, and at the same time fosters a “small group” feeling for our committees.” 

Elizabeth Westley, ICEC

"The IBP Knowledge Gateway has the potential to bring all stakeholders together to help address the world's most important health challenges, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals and Health for All." 

Neil Pakenham-Walsh Coordinator, Health Information for All by 2015 (HIFA2015)