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The Data Viz for Development Community was created as a space to share examples of great visualizations, resources, tools, and ideas for making information accessible. Our goal is to highlight simple visual principles to think about that can improve basic visualizations, basic tools for viz creation, and more advanced tools for visualizing information, in order to share appropriate resources for the data-curious to the data viz ninjas.

The Hub was conceived by an evaluator and communicator who realized there wasn’t a group that brought international development experts from their different domains together in a meaningful way to talk about and share resources on how to translate data tables into intriguing, useful visualizations. Development workers share unique challenges when creating visualizations, from internet bandwidth for interacting with dashboards in low resource countries to tailoring graphs and charts for use by populations with limited numeric literacy. While we originally intended to focus the community on data viz in international development, anyone is welcome to join.

The Data Viz Hub will use as an email listserv and share interesting, intriguing and compelling data visualizations on the Hub's website:

To join the Hub, please visit

The Data Viz Hub is managed by Amanda Makulec, Erica Nybro, and Libby Skolnik.