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The IBP Initiative has supported over 50 time-bound global discussion forums on a wide range of reproductive health topics.  Discussions on other health and development topics have also been supported by IBP and partner organizations.
These virtual discussion forums use the Knowledge Gateway platform to share experiences, program examples, challenges and lessons learned. Each discussion has been summarized and evaluated.

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Virtual discussion forums allow people around the world to come together to discuss issues of common interest.

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Featured discussion forums

  • WHO technical guidance 

    "World Health Organization Technical Guidance Global Discussion Forum."     July 2010.

  • RH essential medicines

    "Access to RH Essential Medicines: Why is it so difficult to achieve it?"   June 2009.

  • Family planning

    "Kampala conversations: Knowledge to action for family planning."        April 2010.

  • Emergency contraception

    "Emergency Contraception: How far have we come? What's new? What's next?"
    March 2011.

  • Patient safety

    "Patient Safety Virtual Global Discussion Forum."                     March 2010.

  • Health professions

    "Global discussion on interprofessional collaboration in education and practice."   June/July 2009.

  • HPV vaccines

    "Can we prevent cervical cancer around the world through vaccination? Sharing knowledge to influence practice and solve service delivery challenges."         June/July 2008.

  • Healthy ageing

    "Healthy Active Ageing Virtual Discussion forum."
    October 2010.


"What an informative conversation it was!! I have learned a lot of the experiences of various professionals who contributed in the discussions. The forum showed how the world is interdependent and together we have to work for a healthier planet."

Amal A. El-Moamly                 Faculty of Medicine/Suez Canal University Egypt

“Virtual discussions help me create innovative ideas to help people,” he said. “My motivation to participate in this discussion is to get rid of professional isolation that we get working in rural areas.” 

Shishir Dahal, a medical doctor in Rolpa District, Nepal, 

"I would like to give you an update on where we are with the use of the Knowledge Gateway. Over the summer we used 5 groups for the development of the SUN Road Map. It has been a very good experience for us here at the UNSCN Secretariat to be able to provide the support to a larger group of nutrition stakeholders for the development of the SUN Road Map. As you might know, the UNSCN is undergoing a reform, and the fact that, during this rather difficult time, we have been able to very quickly set up these groups, has boosted confidence in the UNSCN."

 Lina Mahy
UN System Standing Committee on Nutrition
c/o World Health Organization