Discussion Forum Reports

Over 50 virtual discussion forums have been conducted on the Knowledge Gateway.

These virtual discussion forums use the Knowledge Gateway platform to share experiences, program examples, challenges and lessons learned. Each discussion has been summarized and evaluated.

Essential medicines
  • Access to RH Essential Medicines: Why is it so difficult to achieve?
Disability and reproductive health
  • Forum to Discuss Draft UNFPA-WHO Guidance Note on Sexual and Reproductive Health of Persons with Disabilities

Family planning methods Family planning programming Family planning/HIV integration Health communication
Healthy ageing Human resources for health Interprofessional collaboration

Global Discussion Forum on Interprofessional Collaboration in Education and Practice

Maternal and child health
Mental health Patient safety Postpartum family planning
  • Key Messages for Postpartum Family Planning
  • Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy Forum
  • Postpartum contraceptive technology: Everything you need to know about family planning methods through the first year postpartum
  • Strategies for Community-Based Postpartum Family Planning
  • Postpartum IUCDs
  • Guide to Developing Family Planning Messages for Women in the First Year Postpartum
Nursing and midwifery
STI/HIV prevention WHO technical guidance