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    Working together for health offers you the opportunity to join a Global Alliance dedicated to:


  • knowledge and the wealth of expertise and practical experience that build the capacity of nurses and midwives to improve the health of the individuals, families and communities we work with.


  • targeted and coherent information on what works and what doesn't.
  • discussions with experts and individuals from different countries.
  • clear definitions of terminology, concepts and policy directives.


  • opportunities to share new knowledge, experience and lessons learned with local and international colleagues including experiences with locally applied practices that work and make a difference.
  • a forum to ask questions, discuss issues, share opinions and work together to utilize our knowledge and experience to improve and scale-up effective practices.

  • We have established virtual workspaces that facilitate sharing and exchanging knowledge, expertise, experience, materials, tools, success stories and lessons learned country to country and in-country. Join Us!