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Welcome to the Global Digital Health Network!

The Network envisions a world where technical innovation supports improved health and contributes to better quality, accessibility and sustainability of health services and health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations in low resource environments.

We are a 3500+ person-strong networking forum for members from 118 countries to share information, engage with the broader community, and provide leadership in digital health for global public health. The Network provides leadership in digital health (mHealth, eHealth, and ICTs) and offers a collaborative gathering space for members to share perspectives, resources, and practical guidance related to implementation across a range of technical areas. Our members support global public health strategies, standards and practices through use of innovative technologies in limited resource settings. Our events and communications are a venue to share practical and flexible guidance with each other and the community.

We look forward to your participation!

Steve Ollis and Trinity Zan, Co-Chairs