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Welcome to the Global Alliance for Nursing & Midwifery

*We are moving on April 6th, 2015!! Please come join us at our new website We heard your comments and have revamped our website to better suit your needs. The new GANM website will now provide a more formal and structured forum for exchanging ideas about maternal and child health globally. Our new space for blogs and discussions are intended to support this exchange. We will continue to provide language support in English and Spanish. Please click here to view and enjoy your new website. We hope the GANM will continue to be a space for a global community to share and discuss ideas that will contribute to implementing innovative solutions for maternal and child health.

*Are you working with countries engaged in planning and implementing programmes to improve health?

*Are you concerned about how we can improve the quality of health care through effective professional development in nursing and midwifery?

If so, please join us here in the GANM where you can learn, share, and dialog with others from around the world!


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Welcome to the Global Alliance for Nursing & Midwifery