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The Population Foundation of India (PFI)'s Strategic Plan over the next five years (2011-2016) shall address three drivers of population growth (unmet need for family planning, high desired fertility, and population momentum) and attempt to shift ('reposition') the discourse from 'population control' to the 'well being of the family as a whole'. PFI's interventions will focus on 6 key focus areas: (i) delaying age at marriage; (ii) delaying age at first pregnancy; (iii) promoting spacing between births; (iv) improving quality of care of family planning and reproductive health (RH) programs; (v) prevention of sex selection; and (vi) promoting non coercive practices, programmes and policies. The long-term goal of PFI is to reposition family planning within a woman's empowerment and human rights framework so that every family is a planned family and every child is a wanted, healthy child.

To develop an evidence based advocacy strategy, PFI is carrying out a Systematic Review of Evidence on Family Planning Policies and Interventions based on National and International experiences on 4 key areas of the Strategic Plan. These include: 1. delaying age at marriage 2. delaying age at first pregnancy 3. promoting spacing between births; and 4. improving quality of care of family planning and reproductive health (RH) programs

The review process will help to strengthen the evidence base to inform and guide policy advocacy and programme implementation.

To help gather evidence, I request members of the IBP Global Knowledge Gateway e-forum to kindly provide inputs on the following:

  • Please share with us any evidence of national and global best practices based on the above 4 areas.
  • What components or approaches have been successful and have been scaled up?
  • What are the contextual factors which have been responsible for its success?
  • Any analysis of the fertility trends, especially in high fertility Countries and States/ Regions in India which demonstrate a demographic transition? What socio- political, economic and cultural factors have contributed to this change?

Members' inputs will help to feed into the systematic review process and contribute in developing PFI's advocacy strategy based on the evidence collected.