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In 2011 the SUN Road Map will be translated into action with a view to helping countries affected by undernutrition achieve long-term reduction in undernutrition and realize the first Millennium Development Goal. For that purpose a SUN Implementation System (SUN-IS) has been set up.

A SUN Transition Team will consider how best to ensure that the support to scaling up nutrition is coordinated, of high technical quality, effective, and responsive to country needs and requests. The Transition Team will be backed up by six inter-linked Task Forces to ensure sustained and focused in-country support for SUN actions through:

  • a) stronger national (in-country) capabilities for scaling up nutrition
  • b) effective campaigning and advocacy for the nutrition scale-up
  • c) inclusive civil society participation in the nutrition scaling up process
  • d) sustainable engagement of development partners in a coordinated response
  • e) appropriate involvement of the business community in efforts to scale up nutrition
  • f) effective approaches for monitoring and reporting on progress at country level

The six groups will provide advice, support and backing to the work of the Transition Team, and recommend measures and actions.

The membership of the Transition Team and six Task Forces is by invitation only.

Terms of reference for all groups will be available on the UNSCN website very soon.

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