A Task Team is established to develop recommendations in the form of a SUN Road Map. It will do this over a period of 60 days leading up to the September 2010 Summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

The Task Team will be backed up by five working groups which will look at pathways and milestones for scaling up nutrition through

  • (a) stronger national (country-level) capacities and systems for scaling up nutrition actions
  • (b) effective campaigning and advocacy for the nutrition scale-up,
  • (c) social movements for scaling up nutrition,
  • (d) the sustained engagement of development agencies in support for scaled-up nutritional outcomes and
  • (e) the successful and appropriate involvement of commercial enterprises in nutrition-sensitive sustainable development.

The five groups will provide advice, support and backing to the work of the Task Team, assisting with developing the Road Map and recommending measures and actions.

Where the membership of the Task Team is by invitation only, membership of the working groups is open.

Terms of reference for the working groups can be found on the UNSCN website at

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