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Cover of the parent training manual

This community aims to connect up people (therapists, community workers, parents, doctors) who are working in communities in low-income settings with children with cerebral palsy. A major focus of the community is to share learning and experiences around use of the parent training manual, 'Getting to know cerebral palsy.'

We want our members to guide discussions. We expect some of the main activities and benefits to include:

  • Sharing experiences and learning from others about the parent training manual 'Getting to know cerebral palsy'

  • Linking up with colleagues

  • Sharing translations, facilitator training sessions etc.

  • Sharing additional resources

  • Opportunities to identify good practice; what works well and in what context

Information shared in the community can be used for research purposes by the community facilitators, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. For more information please see the LSHTM data protection policy

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