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Welcome to the community of practice on Young People and HIV! This community is hosted by the Interagency Task Team on HIV and Young People. The purpose is to provide a forum for discussion around issues related to young people and HIV.

This community of practice will host a 'Webinar Plus' series. Every month or two you will be invited to join a webinar on a key issue related to young people and HIV, followed by a discussion on this platform. Each 'Webinar Plus' will be accompanied by a folder of related resources in the library.

Our first 'Webinar Plus' is focused on the issue of Adolescents and HIV in Emergencies. This webinar took place on 11 April 2013 and the discussion will continue through mid-May. Please visit the library to access the webinar recording and presentations, and the discussion archive to catch up on the discussion.

Please encourage your colleagues to join this community of practice by registering at:

Please also visit the new IATT for Young People and HIV, which houses a collection of key resources on this topic: