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Social Media for Global Health (SM4GH) is a space to connect and share experiences around the use of social media to promote the messages & products of global health and development organizations.

Who is this for? Global health and development professionals with social media responsibilities in their work, rather than individuals with a casual, personal interest in social media.

New applicants: Please list your name, title, and affiliation.

Are there meetings? Quarterly meetings will be held in the DC area, focused around specific them topics in order to have practical target panel presentations and discussions and provide an opportunity to network with colleagues at other global health and development organizations.

What other resources does the group have? An online community of practice has been set up on the Knowledge Gateway, where members are welcome to share resources, references, and experiences through the document library, message board, and listserv.

Co-chairs: Anne Kott, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs; Lippi Doshi, PATH