• Knowledge Gateway is an interactive platform, in which members can share knowledge, experiences, initiatives, and advocacy strategies for the rights of persons with disabilities as well as establish dialogue.

• UNFPA is the moderator.

• Members will be able to post documents and comments onto the platform with permission from UNFPA.

Terms of Use

• The platform must remain a “safe space”. Members should feel secure and comfortable with interacting with each other, despite differing background, expertise, and experiences.

• UNFPA will not allow statements that are discriminatory, hateful in nature, or argue against the Beijing Platform for Action (BPA) or Programme of Action from the International Conference on Population and Development (POA ICPD).

• By becoming a member, organizations and individuals are conforming to these established ideas and are using Knowledge Gateway as a way to build off of and find change beyond these ideas. If members consistently challenge the current SDGs, POA ICPD, or BPA, they may be excluded from the platform.